Aluminum Radiator

Design Features

  • Downflow or Crossflow design
  • Single row and multiple rows tube constructions
  • High effiency serpentine louvered air fins, and non-louvered wavy fins
  • Dimpled core tubes for better heat transfer

Material Process

  • Aluminum core construction with aluminum tanks and plastic tanks
  • In-house injection molding of PA66 nylon tanks
  • In-house production of aluminum tanks
  • Only premium grade tubes, fins, headers, tanks and other components are used
  • Two side cladded tube, header and tank materials for internal corrosion protection


  • Optimum core performance from high efficiency fin and tube design that allowing max heat rejection with one row cores or multiple row cores
  • Thin gage, high strength, long life aluminum materials in tubes, fins provide lightweight design and longer operating life than other copper-brass radiators
  • OE specified aluminum and plastic materials are used to reduce weight and increase durability
  • Reduced costs

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