Tool Design

We do not only design coolers, we also design and make the equipment that builds them and bring standardization to all of our manufacturing processes.

Yetsan has decades of experience in copper&brass radiator production and we took advanatage of this experience in the production of CAB brazed products. We know how important it is to have precisey made parts to make aluminum made coolers. We have invested in the wire-edm technology and high speed machining centers to make the best toolings and equipment to creat the best products in the market. We develop the right heat transfer surfaces (fins, plates, turbulators) to support our customers from different fields

  • We develop deep drawn metal toolings for header and tank production
  • We design and manufacture fin dies for different applications
  • We make plastic injection toolings in the house to support our customer demands for aluminum&plastic made cooler needs.
  • We develop core builders, fixtures, jigs that are dedicated for specific products